processing: public program

processing: public program

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august-december 2020

Center for Urban History, Lviv

In its methodology, the exhibition-as-research of the photo archive of Vil' Furgalo "processing" focuses on the following question: can an exhibition display the process of exploring and generation of knowledge rather than findings of research?

A key actor of the exhibition is a photo archive of Vil' Furgalo. In 2019, the Center for Urban History accepted into our collection ten thousand of the photographer's negative images. They are mostly the 35mm reverse images and medium size formats preserved by his friends Ihor Nikitin and Andriy Poliakov. In the exhibition space, we are digitalizing the negative images and trace the transition of a private collection to the institution; how the negative patterns transform into a digital format and become archived; how we construct our knowledge about the author, photography and the images per se.

The exhibition content is enhanced and supplemented by the accompanying public program. It includes several formats: talks at the exhibition, workshops, photolaboratories, curator and author supervised tours. With the help of each format, we discover the approach, the concept, and the questions of the exhibition, and also try to re-imagine our roles as authors, and the roles of the audiences.


Cover Image: Iryna Sereda