A Blue Dye of Frantsuzov. A Workshop in Analog Photography

A Blue Dye of Frantsuzov. A Workshop in Analog Photography

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1.12.2020, 16:00

Exhibition Hall, Center for Urban History

Welcome to the workshop on printing the black-and-white photographs and on creating blue dye at the "processing" exhibition. The workshop will be delivered by a photographer, a founder and a member of the "Vezha" photo group Mykhaylo Frantsuzov.

Participants will learn about the basics of a manual photo process, and print the photos from the negative images making the blue dyes along with the author. A blue dye is a technique for toning the black-and-white images, a most typical method for Frantsuzov's works.

The number of participants is limited; you need to register.

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Mykhaylo Frantsuzov

A Lviv based photographer, a painter, a film photographer, a founder and member of the “Vezha” photo group. In 1975, he started his studies at Lviv Polytechnic Institute. At the same time, he joined the “Semaphor” club at the “Roks” House of Railway Workers, where they studied and promoted amateur photography. Later, together with his colleagues, they founded the “Vezha” photo group. They organized regular exhibitions in Lviv. The group members often took part in exhibitions in other countries.

The photoprint workshop is part of a public program at the "processing" exhibition. The objective is to engage workshop participants and exhibition visitors into a conversation about a practical aspect of photo making and to better understand Vil' Frugalo ad an author and a photographer.


Cover image: "Trumpeter", a dye technique by Mykhaylo Frantsuzov.

Portrait: Bohdan Yemets