A Blue Dye of Frantsuzov. A Workshop in Analog Photography

A Blue Dye of Frantsuzov. A Workshop in Analog Photography

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1.12.2020, 16:00

Exhibition Hall, Center for Urban History

Welcome to the workshop on printing the black-and-white photographs and on creating blue dye at the "processing" exhibition. The workshop will be delivered by a photographer, a founder and a member of the "Vezha" photo group Mykhaylo Frantsuzov.

Participants will learn about the basics of a manual photo process, and print the photos from the negative images making the blue dyes along with the author. A blue dye is a technique for toning the black-and-white images, a most typical method for Frantsuzov's works.

The number of participants is limited; you need to register.

The photoprint workshop is part of a public program at the "processing" exhibition. The objective is to engage workshop participants and exhibition visitors into a conversation about a practical aspect of photo making and to better understand Vil' Frugalo ad an author and a photographer.


Cover image: "Trumpeter", a dye technique by Mykhaylo Frantsuzov.

Portrait: Bohdan Yemets