Author and Psychological Aspects of Photography | Practical Workshop

Author and Psychological Aspects of Photography | Practical Workshop

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26.11.2020, 16:00

Exhibition Hall, Center for Urban History

Welcome to participate in the practical workshop at the "processing" exhibition where we shall practice free associations with a translator and a psychoanalyst Yurko Prokhasko. We plan to view, discuss and comment on the photographs and slides by Vil' Furgalo and contemplate over psychoanalysis and how it helps or inhibits us in "reading" photographs.

Methods, approaches, and photography by Vil' Furgalo are inseparable from the author's personality. How does Furgalo interact with photography and models? Why some of his photos have never been printed but only stayed as the imagined images fixed on the film? How can we explain Furgalo's "shooting" without any film charged in the camera? What associations do we have when viewing Vil Furgalo's photographs with women, or children, or men? What is the performative element of Furgalo's photos and slides? What could the "punctums" on Furgalo's photos reveal to us?

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Yurko Prokhasko

Is a Lviv-based psychoanalyst, a Germanist scholar, and a translator. He works at the Ivan Franko Institute of the NAS of Ukraine and lectures at Ivan Franko Lviv National University. In addition, Yurko is a co-founder and lecturer at the Lviv Psychoanalytical Institute and a member of Pen-Ukraine.

To participate, please, fill in the application form (at the link

The workshop is part of the public program of the exhibition-as-research of the Vil Furgalo photoarchive "processing".

For more information, please, contact Victoria Panas, a curator team member at the "processing" exhibition, the Center's public history programs coordinator ([email protected]).


Cover Image: Bohdan Yemets

Portrait: from the collection of Vil' Furgalo