Why Does Lviv Not Have a Museum of Photography?

Why Does Lviv Not Have a Museum of Photography?

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11.9.2020, 16:00

Center for Urban History / online

The round-table would engage museum experts, educators, artists, and activists to try and search for answers to the questions about the actual state of play in photo education in Lviv. Why photography or photography studies are not part of the curriculum in Lviv’s universities? How do schools present urban photo heritage in their courses? How does photo education impact our perception and assessment for a photo? Why the photo heritage is such a rare exhibit in museums, despite being available in the collections? What is the place of photography in museum collections? What is the role of art and scientific photography in composing the museum collection?


Natalia Dziubenko

Head of the department of applied museology in the State Natural Sciences Museum, a Candidate of Biology. The research focus covers museology, museum pedagogy, museum management, ecology, ornithology, environment protection, environmental education.

Oleksandra Kushchenko

An art historian, an art critic, author of open cycles of lectures jointly with the Feminist Workshop “HerStory of Art” (2019) and ” HerStory of Photography” (2020). A post-graduate at the Lviv National Academy of Arts, she is researching the environment in the context of art communities in Lviv. A lecturer at the “Visual Culture” course, at the Department of Culturology in the Ukrainian Catholic University. In 2014, she founded and has been editing the “ArtLvivOnline” project.

Oleh Suslenko

An artist, a lecturer at the Department of Graphic Design in Lviv National Academy of Arts, a curator of the department’s experimental platform of modern art “Gallery TSE” (2014), member of the group Esmarch’s Irrigator (2009). Author of many solo and group art projects. The focus of interests includes modern art and visual culture.

Moderator – Bohdan Shumylovych, public history projects coordinator, member of a curator team of the "processing" exhibition.

The round table is contributing to the program of the Digital Workshop "Public and Private Collections in the Time of Total Digitalization" and is part of the accompanying program to the exhibition-as-research of the Vil' Furgalo collection, the "processing", intending to actualize a broader discussion about Lviv photography.