Photo Print Workshop

Photo Print Workshop

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19.10.2020, 18:30

Exhibition Hall

We invite you to the first workshop on the print of black-and-white photos. The workshop will be held by a photographer Kostia Smolianinov.

The participants will learn about the basics of the manual photo process and print the photos from Vil Furgalo’s negative images.

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Kostiantyn Smolianinov

A Lviv-native and Lviv-based photographer. He works with photography and performative practices.

The photo print workshop is part of a public program at the "processing" exhibition. The objective is to engage participants and exhibition visitors to talk about the practical side of creating photos and to better understand Vil Furgalo as an author and a photographer.


Cover image: Iryna Sereda

Portrait: Yaryna Sayenko

Gallery: Maria Masiuk