Furgalo Methods. Photo Print Workshop

Furgalo Methods. Photo Print Workshop

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17.12.2020, 16:00

Exhibition Hall, Center for Urban History

Welcome to the final workshop in the series focusing on the print of black-and-white photos. The workshop will be run by a photographer Ihor Nikitin.

This time, the workshop participants will learn about the basics of the manual photo process and about Vil Furgalo's signature techniques in making photographs. A photographer Ihor Nikitin, a close friend and the keeper of the archives, knows best how Vil worked with photos. We shall try to reproduce the experiments during the workshop, learn about Furgalo’s original prints and analyze them.

The photo print workshop is part of a public program of the "processing" exhibition. It is aimed at engaging the exhibition participants to talk about the practical side of photography making and have a better understanding of Vil Furgalo as an author and a photographer.


Cover image: Works of Vil' Furgalo. Photo courtesy of Oleksandr Makhanets.