Perceiving the photography: a conversation at the exhibition

Perceiving the photography: a conversation at the exhibition

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3.9.2020, 6:30 pm

Conference room, Center for Urban History / online

In the modern world, photography is the most reproduced kind of media. Photographs have long been shaping us as humans and as subjects of various ideologies. Back in the ХІХ century, historians and theoreticians developed the entire morphology of photography. For instance, they identified artistic and technical or documentary photos. However, we can still hear some discussions about whether the technically produced image can be considered as art. Is there any ontology in what we describe as "art photography"? Can a documentary photography also become a piece of art? For many critics, the questions have long lost their relevance, and they do not see any more sense in using the term of "art photography." According to Arthur Danto, the ХХ century transformed all art into theory. That is why any distinction between the world of art and the world of media have grown outdated. However, we still need to talk about the complicated relations between the photography and the world of arts.

We invited the speakers to answer different questions, such as whether artists are making use photos, or whether they are thinking through photography? Do a painting and a photograph deserve the same attention from museums? Why is photography always cheaper than painting?

This meeting is a continuation of a series of talks at the exhibition-as-research of the Vil' Furgalo photo archive – the processing. There, together with curators, photographers, art experts, and artists, we shall reflect upon photography-related topics, about its shift "from film to digital," how the materiality is changing in this process, and how the value of photography is changing, and what the role of the archives are.

Participants of the talk:

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Volodymyr Kostyrko

An artist, an interior designer. Author of paintings, graphics, collages, assemblages, installations, and environments. With his designs, he started a peculiar “Lviv style,” often imitated by other designers, and going far beyond Lviv. In addition, Kostyrko is an active street art fan. He prefers working on paper, rather than focusing on the graffiti.

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Oleksandra Kushchenko

An art historian, an art critic, author of the public cycles of lectures jointly with the Feminist Workshop “(Her)story of art ” (2019) and “(Her)story of photography” (2020). A PhD student at the Lviv National Art Academy, she is doing her research into the environment in the context of the art community in Lviv. She is a lecturer at the course “Visual Culture” at the Department of Culturology at the Ukrainian Catholic University. Since 2014, she has been a founder and an editor of the “ArtLvivOnline” project.

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Bohdan Shumylovych

A member of the curator group of the “processing” exhibition, a curator in the public history projects at the Center for Urban History. A historian and an art historian. A key focus of his work is media history and the history of television in East and Central Europe and in the Soviet Union, as well as interaction between digital history and conventional historiography. He is interested in media art, visual studies, urban spatial practices.

Due to the quarantine, the number of participants is limited. To participate in the talk, please, register.
The Centers Youtube channel  will stream the talk online.

For more information, please, feel free to contact Viktoriia Panas, a member of the curator team for the "processing" exhibition, a coordinator of public history programs at the Center ([email protected]).


Cover Image: Vil' Furgalo Collection // Urban Media Archive

Image Gallery: Iryna Sereda