A Workshop on Printing Black-and-White Photographs

A Workshop on Printing Black-and-White Photographs

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10.11.2020, 18:30 

Exhibition Hall of the Center for Urban History

The development of digital technologies, the option to click the camera shutter non-stop in search for a better shot, never minding the limitations of the film length, lower accessibility of materials (for example, because of growing prices), and the optimized processes for photoprint have ousted the manual photo print from the practices of photographers. A series of workshops to print black-and-white photographs invites you to master the low-spread practices today.

At the workshop on November 10, run by a photographer Kostia Smolianinov, participants will have a chance to learn about the basics of manual photo process and print the black-and-white photos, such as from Vil Furgalo’s negative images. The printed photos will contribute to the exhibition space at the "processing" exhibition based on an “exhibition-as-research” methodology.
To participate, please, register. Registration will be open on November 4, at 12.00.

If you attended the previous workshop by Kostia Smolianinov, we reserve the right not to confirm the new registration, due to a limited number of possible participants. Thank you for understanding.

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Kostiantyn Smolianinov

A photographer, works with performative practices

The workshop is part of a public program for the exhibition-as-research of a photoarchive by Vil Furgalo "processing".


Cover image: Maria Masiuk

Portrait: Yaryna Sayenko