City in the Focus: a Conversation at the Exhibition

City in the Focus: a Conversation at the Exhibition

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5.11.2020, 18:30

Conference room, Center for Urban History / online

A space or a place may be perceived as a phenomenon that is usually implicitly but critically inscribed into human life. It may be ignored but its role is to combine human experiences. In other words, we are always people in certain places.

In the early XX century, Walter Benjamin wandered around European cities and thoroughly documented the walks in his diaries. In the end of the century, Vil' Furgalo was roaming around the streets of Lviv, such as Virmenka, and kept fixing life flows and let them run further. Both are the urban meditations.

During the meeting with photographers Kostya Smolyaninov and Yurko Dyachyshyn, we shall talk about how photographers inhabit and feel urban spaces, how the process has been changing since the late-Soviet period in Lviv until today. We shall try to imagine how the city manifested itself in the everyday life; how the implicit space is transforming when we get to notice it.

Moderator – Maria Kozak.

Kostyantyn Smolyaninov

Photography and performative practices.

Yurko Dyachyshyn

Artist. Photography, collage, street art, installations.

Maria Kozak

Studies anthropology of space. Flanerie practices.

Due the quarantine, the number of visitors is limited. To participate, please, register.

The event will be available online – at the Center's Youtube channel (see video below).

The talk is part of the public program to accompany the exhibition-as-research of the photo archive of Vil' Furgalo "processing."


Cover Image: Photo by Vil' Furgalo // Urban Media Archive