Сity of photographers: a conversation at the exhibition

Сity of photographers: a conversation at the exhibition

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20.8.2020, 18:30

Courtyard, Center for Urban History / online

Exploration into the Vil' Furgalo photo archive may offer to us the still little-known context that helped him become a photographer. What was the photographic process like in the 1970-1990-s Lviv? Who was part of the process? How have the roles been distributed among photographers? How did their practices look like at the time? Was photography in Lviv distinct? Who of the photographers could be singled out?

These topics, among others, will be discussed in the conversation with

Ihor Nikitin

A photographer

Volodymyr Monets

A photographer and a member of the “Vezha” (Tower) photo group operating in Lviv in the 1980-s.

Moderated by Bohdan Shumylovych and Oleksandr Makhanets.

This meeting is a continuation of a series of conversations at the exhibition-as-research of the Vil' Furgalo photo archive – the "processing." There, together with curators, photographers, art experts, and artists, we shall reflect upon photography-related topics, about its shift "from film to digital," how the materiality is changing in this process, and how the value of photography is changing, and what the role of the archives are.

Due to the quarantine the number of visitors on site is limited. To participate in the talk, please, register.
The Center's Youtube-channel  will stream the talk live.

For more information, please, feel free to contact Viktoriia Panas, a member of the curator team for the "processing" exhibition, a coordinator of public history programs at the Center ([email protected]).


Cover Image: Photo by Vil' Furgalo // Urban Media Archive

Image Gallery: by Iryna Sereda