Visual Methods In The City And For The City

Visual Methods In The City And For The City

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5.10, 12.10, 19.10.2021

Conference hall of the Center for Urban History

For decades, visual methods have been an integral part of social sciences; they are actively used to study urban everyday life. Photo cameras and video cameras, pencils, and paints help us understand the world we live in, capturing space, people, and situations. But how do they choose what to capture? What is left out of sight or out of camera? Who and how decides what is depicted in the picture? How do the captured moments continue afterwards?

Welcome to consider these questions at the workshop "Visual Methods In The City And For The City". During the three meetings, we will talk about different theoretical approaches to the use of visual methods for social and urban research, consider possible cognition strategies using visual fixation tools and try to look deep into two-dimensional images and videos, ask your own research questions and answer them within the public spaces of Lviv.

Short plan of seminars

  • theory and methodology, 5.10.2021
    to consider three approaches to the use of visual methods: descriptive or positivist,
    social constructivist and psychogeographical. Texts by Pierre Bourdieu, Guy Deborah,
    and Walter Benjamin will be offered for reading. Methodological strategies for the study
    of urban processes will also be considered.
  • empirical, 12.10.2021
    together with the participants we will choose one of the considered research strategies,
    and we will test it during the city walk on the basis of the collected data; then, we will
    discuss this experience in a group.
  • final, 19.10.2021
    participants of seminars (if desired) will be able to present the results of their visual

The class will be conducted by a sociologist Alyona Lyasheva.

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Alyona Lyasheva

The research interests cover urban conflicts, in particular over the right to housing. Alyona Lyasheva received a PhD in Urban Sociology, and presented her dissertation on “Financing, Production, and Distribution of Housing in Post-Soviet Kyiv.” Currently, she works as a researcher at the Eastern European Research Center at the University of Bremen, and teaches at Taras Shevchenko National University in Kyiv.


We invite you to apply for the master class "Visual Methods In The City And For The City" on September 13-23. Registration at the link.

The master class is implemented within the public program of the project "Society with a Camera: History of Visual Regimes and Creation Practices in Ukraine" supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

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Upper: Bohdan Yemets