Presentation of the Interactive Map 

Presentation of the Interactive Map "The City at War: November 1918 in Lviv"

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22.11.2018, 18:30

Ratusha Restaurant (Rynok Sq. 1), Lviv

History had a location. Quite often the location of symbolic declarations differs from the places of everyday practices. With the raising of the Ukrainian flag on the City Hall on 1 November 1918, the magistrate suspended their usual operations. The building became the place for announcing public declarations but it lost the function of practical management of the city. At the same time, everyday life changed for many citizens not because of the raising the flag but due to the frontline bisecting streets and disrupting their usual ways of communication. Sometimes, by agreement of the parties, armed hostilities ceased while the demarcation line was crossed in order to resume the provision of supplies. The interactive map helps understand the lines of interrelations between people, facts, and events. Transferring the topic into the format of a digital encyclopaedia about the history of the city in the 19-20th centuries will give an opportunity to highlight the continuity and interruptions of various lines in Lviv through the perspective of the short but definitive weeks in November 1918.

The map will be presented by an editor of history entries of the Lviv interactive Vasyl Rasevych and Olga Zarechnyuk, architectural editor. The presentation will be moderated by historian Oksana Dudko (Center for Urban History / University of Toronto).

The presentation will be conducted in Ukrainian.

This presentation is a part of the public program "City on the Line: Lviv in November 1918." It invites the general public to discuss the centenary of the end of the Great War and the establishment of the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic in the broader context of the fall of empires, revolutions, the making of new national states, and social and cultural transformations.


Cover Image: The Ukrainian military carries the wounded to the town hall

Gallery Image by Iryna Sereda