Solitude and Christmas

Solitude and Christmas

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Father Mykhailo Dymyd

Institute of Church Law, Ukrainian Catholic University

9.12.2010, 18:00

Center for Urban History, Lviv

Within the framework of the academic-socio-artistic program "Solitude-Presence" a lecture by theologian Dr. Mykhailo Dymyd took place.

The lecture about the image of Christmas which represents solitude and presence in human communities developed the understanding that "nothing is alien to Jesus Christ, who was able already through his birth to reach into the depth of human solitude, rejection, and then understand and accept his condition in order to recreate him into the presence as a participant in the life of other individuals in the form of communion."

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Father Mykhailo Dymyd

has a doctorate in theology, is a professor of ecclesiastics and canon law, is the founder and first rector of the Lviv Theological Academy (Ukrainian Catholic University), the founder and first director of “Radio Voskresinniya,” the founder of the “Religious Information Agency,” the founder and director of the Institute of Church Law at the Ukrainian Catholic University, and head of the Ukrainian Theological Academic Society. The author of numerous books and academic works, Father Mykhailo is an active participant in the ecumenical dialogue and several social projects and is also a parochial spiritual leader and father of a large family – he and his wife Ivanka Krypiakevych are raising five children.


Сover Image: Shirazeh Houshiary. Christmas Tree, 2016/1993 / Joe Humphreys, Tate Photography.