Love and Dance

Love and Dance

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17.12.2010, 18:00

Exhibition Hall, Center for Urban History

Another film showing took place within the framework of the academic-socio-artistic program "Solitude-Presence."

This time, the film shown was the film-ballet "Love and Dance" that was choreographed by Maurice Bejart and directed by Gilles Amado (France, 2006, 88 minutes).

The anthem of love and dance is a jubilee performance by Maurice Bejart’s dance company, which was composed of the most beautiful fragments of the choreographer’s ballet masterpieces, from "Sacred Springtime" (1959) with music by Igor Stravinsky to impassioned Greek dances, accompanied by music from Mikis Theodorakis, African dance miniatures, Arab ritual dances, and also numerous ensembles, solos and duets with the music of Weber, Belini, Strauss, Mozart, Beethoven and Berlioz. Essentially, the film is a recording of a gala-concert in honor of Bejart’s 45-year anniversary at the Paris Opera.

Maurice Bejart (1927-2007) is spoken about not only as a leading inventor of choreographic styles and the author of more than 200 ballets, but also as a genius master who changed the concept about classical ballet generally and separated it from academic "activity", an avant-garde experimentalist who united in his productions various types of arts – dramatic arts, opera, symphony, choirs. The renewed, sensual and dynamic dance of Bejart became the symbol of the 20th century.


Сover Image: "Ballet for life" by Maurice Béjart, by Le Béjart Ballet Lausanne.