Film "Skrzydlate Świnie"

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February 6, 2013

Center for Urban History, Lviv

On the program was the film "Skrzydlate Świnie" ("Pigs With Wings") Anna Kazejak-Dawid, director, Poland, 2010.

During the 1980s the dubious distinction as the country possessing the most active, aggressive football fans passed from England to the so-called "Kibitzers" (Polish: ‘fanatical football devotee’) of Poland. Ukraine’s neighbor to the west’s claim to the flag of "the most diehard fans" has proven to be unassailable thus far. The precise number of Poles for whom football – or the dedication to a particular squad – has become a raison d'etre is unknown. The Kibitzer subculture has arisen far from the major cities and the more prominent football clubs, in provincial towns no less fanatical in the defense of their football honor. This is the story told by "Skrzydlate Świnie": how, in these all-but-forgotten "dots on the map" of Poland, football alone offers any alternative to the gray sameness of the mundane. Kazejak-Dawid approaches the depiction of these everyday small-town football fans from an interesting angle, beginning their tale in the worst of times: the day their favorite club went out of business. They find themselves cut off from the world, and driven from football paradise.

Event is a part of the public program of the "Sport and the City: People. Society. Ideology" exhibition.

Cover Image: Still from"Skrzydlate Świnie", Anna Kazejak-Dawid, Poland, 2010.