Presentation and discussion of the Stepan Hayduchok photo albums

Presentation and discussion of the Stepan Hayduchok photo albums

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Center for Urban History, Lviv

These albums provided invaluable material in the preparation phase of the "Sport and the City: People. Society. Ideology" exhibition, and are worthy of continued historical research. In the Krypyakevych family archive are preserved thirty photo albums from Stepan Hayduchok documenting the sporting life of early twentieth-century Galicia. Included are images of training sessions, competitions, sporting societies, Sokol Club competitions, recreational hikes - complete with written descriptions.

Stepan Hayduchok (1890-1976)

a co-organizer of the Galician sports movement, journalist, and founder and first department head of the Physical Education Department at Lviv State Medical Institute (currently, Danylo Halytskyi Lviv National Medical University).

Lesia Krypyakevych

master of the applied ​​textile arts, member of the Ukrainian Artists Union, community activist, and co-founder of the St. Volodymyr Foundation.

Oksana Vatseba

Professor, PhD in Pedagogics, leader in Ukrainian education, Candidate of Science in Ukraine, noted for her work in Sport and Physical Education in Ukraine, Reporting Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

Event is as a part of the public program of the "Sport and the City: People. Society. Ideology"exhibition.


Cover Image: Sports exercises of the "Sokil-Father" society, 1920-1939. Lesya Krypyakevych Collection / Urban media archive