Big Sport: Innovation vs. Tradition

Big Sport: Innovation vs. Tradition

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February 27, 2013

The meeting included a screening of Bennett Miller’s Moneyball (USA, 2011).

The film describes the story of baseball manager Billy Beane. His team, the Oakland Athletics is going through a rough patch and is forced to lose its best players. Chance causes Beane to meet young economist Peter Brand, who has his own scheme for a perfect game, based on mathematical calculations. Brand proposes to hire inexpensive average players and use them according to the scheme. However, finding the right innovative solution is only the first step in tradition-bound big sport. Brand’s ideas only convince Billy Beane, and the new friends are faced with the difficult challenge of proving their ideas in practice.

Event is a part of the public program of the "Sport and the City: People. Society. Ideology" exhibition.

Cover Image: Still from Bennett Miller’s Moneyball (USA, 2011).