Gender Dimensions of Modernity Spaces

Gender Dimensions of Modernity Spaces

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December 2020 – July 2021

online / zoom / youtube

In December 2020, the Center for Urban History, jointly with the Ukrainian Association of Researchers of Women’s History, supported by the Heinrich Boll Stiftung, is launching a series of online lectures and discussions on "Gender Dimensions of Modernity Spaces." It will focus on the diverse gender experiences of the 20th century. The project is part of a conference on women’s history "Female Dimensions of the Past: Perceptions, Experiences, Representations" scheduled for October 2020, but postponed to July 2021, for the pandemic crisis.

Nine lecturers are the young and experienced Ukrainian researchers of history, culture studies, and literary studies. Their outcomes include some bright examples of applying gender approach to the analysis of historical experiences and cultural representations of women and men in the context of modernization processes in Ukraine. Their lectures will launch open online discussions on gender dimensions of the past, on the advantages and restrictions of various types of sources to study and interpret the controversial gender-related experiences. The discussions plan to show the heuristic capacity of the gender approach to study the recent past and discover gender peculiarities and the experience of modernization in various historical contexts within the urban space.

  • Ivanka Cherchovych "The Poor and the Pregnant in Lviv in the late 19th century: Survival Experiences"
  • Mariana Baidak "Divided by the War: Transformation of Family Relations During the Great War"
  • Vladyslava Moskalets "Passageways, Coffee Places, and Bazaars: Women and Spaces of Consumption in the Early 20th Century Lviv"
  • Halyna Bodnar "Unfinished War: Biographical Narratives in Letters to Lviv Authorities Dated 1944‒1945"
  • Vasyl Kosiv "Images of Ukrainian Men in Posters of Ukrainian SSR in the 1945/89s"
  • Bohdan Shumylovych "Feminine and Masculine in Visual Voyages Between Urban and Rural in Soviet Ukraine"
  • Olena Stiazhkina "Eating à la Soviet in the Film Texts of the 1960s – mid-1980s"
  • Iryna Starovoyt "A Journey into the Whirlwind with Stops in Lviv: Dagny Juel, Debora Vogel, Yevgenia Ginsburg"
  • Marta Havryshko "Women in Anti-Jewish Pogroms in Summer 1941 in East Halychyna: Victims, Perpetrators, and Rescuers"

Curators of the program — Sofia Dyak (Center for Urban History), Oksana Kis (Ukrainian Association of Researchers of Women's History)

Coordinator — Viktoriia Panas ([email protected])

Communication support — Maryana Mazurak

The first runs of lectures and the discussions will take place online on a ZOOM platform.

The live streaming will also be available on Youtube of the Center for Urban History.

Videos of lectures will also be available to watch on the channel.

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