Program "Art-Key"
October 27, 2010

On 29 October 2010 at 7 pm at the Center for Urban History, a regular lesson by Bohdan  Shumylovych titled "Abstraction in Media-Art: From Simplification to Complication" took place within the framework of the enlightenment series "Art-Key."

This lesson of media-art showed the differing forms of abstraction that exist within the static framework of a canvas. The question explored the various genres of media-art and the characteristics that unite contemporary with traditional art.

The showing of video-art was from the collection of the WRO Art Center. The center was founded in Wroclaw as a result of experiments and activities of the Fund for the Development of Media Art, which is the only independent organization in Poland that specializes in the sphere of contemporary art, media and its technology. Since 1989 the fund has been producing WRO – the International Biennale for Media-Art.

[n:ja] - frame [AT, 2002], 5:36.
Piotr Wyrzykowski - Beta Nassau [PL, 1993], 9:49.
Andrzej Dudek-Durer - Cemetery [PL, 1993], 7:45.
Woiciech Doroszuk - Dissection Theatre [PL, 2006], 10:01.
Robert Arnold - Echolalia [US, 2003], 2:57.
John Smith - Frozen War [UK, 2002], 11:32.
Maciej Toporowicz - Obsession [PL, 1993], 3:44.
Lorenzo Oggiano - Quazi-Objects / Cinematic N.07 [IT, 2006], 4:38.
Jan Verbeek - Osmotic [DR/KR 2006], 3:13.
Igor Krenz - Life of Things [PL], 4:20.
Telcosystems - Scape_Time [NL, 2006], 8:21.
Krzysztof Filip Tomaszewski - Spectrum [PL, 2005-2007], 6:20.
Wei Liu - Hopeless Land [CN, 2008], 7:16.

Andriy Linika’s curator’s project was realized during a scholarship at the WRO Art Center within the framework of the GaudePolonia scholarship.