Presentation by Anna Wylegala
October 22, 2008

On 22 October 2008, as part of the scholarship program of the Center for Urban History, Anna Wylegala, a postgraduate student of the Social Sciences Institute of the Polish Academy of Science in Warsaw and winner of a Center scholarship, presented her current research on "Divided Memory? Local Historical Consciousness in the western Ukrainian "Halychyna" region and the western Polish "Regained Territories."

Her project focuses on the historical memory of those territories - both, as a result of the Second World War, marked by border changes, forced migration, massive population changes, and ambitious state-led projects to construct national narratives of essentialist continuities and reclaimed "ancient" rights.

Looking beyond the grand narratives of and about the state and based on the example of the two towns of Zhovkva (Żółkwi, Nestorow) and Krzyż (Krzyż, Kreuz), Anna Wylegala examines the extent to which it was possible to revive or construct local memory in local communities, especially with respect to differences and interactions between generations.