Fellows' Seminar
October 6, 2008

On 6 October 2008, Nazar Kis, one of the Center for Urban History's recipients of this year's Research Grants, presented his work. Nazar Kis, a doctoral student at the Ivan Krypiakevych Institute of Ukrainian Studies of the Ukrainian Academy of Science in Lviv gave a paper on "The Reception of the Galician Greek-Catholic Rural Population by Urban Elites," based on the Ukrainian-language press between 1900 and 1944.

Nazar Kis's research thus generally addresses the relationship between the urban and the rural, while his focused on language and representation brings out the changes in rural identities as well as urban images and stereotypes of the rural in the first half of the last century. Nazar Kis payed special attention to the importance of religion in the making of national identity as well as the role, attributed to religion as a mobilizing instrument by urban intellectuals.