Kolo Lvova
August 23, 2008

Business-authorities-cinema, prospects of the movie industry in Ukraine

On August 20-27, the Third International Festival of Independent Film “KinoLev 2008” took place in Lviv. We gathered its participants at our “Kolo” round table discussion at the Center of Urban History of East Central Europe. The meeting united well-known Ukrainian film directors: Mykhailo Illienko, Yurii Illienko, and Oles Sanin, representatives of the Oleksandr Dovzhenko Film Studio, Bohdan Batrukh (chief executive of B&H Film Distribution and the owner of the “Kinopalace” cinema network), Taras Tkachenko (film director), Sergej Zemlenuhin (festival “Kinoshok”), Oles Dzyndra (Kinolev festival director), Piter Borysiv (the head of Hollywood Trident Foundation ), as well as representatives of the local and foreign film industry and many others interested in the development of Ukrainian cinema.

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