Sykhiv in Art, Sykhiv for Art

Sykhiv in Art, Sykhiv for Art

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20.8.2017, 19:00 

Assembly Hall of Lviv Children School of Arts No 5 (vul. Khutorivka, 28)

"Even though the building is multi apartment and hideous
it is my fortress where I can ease my nerves.
This is the place where I don’t need to lie snug
Put on the masks, or fanfaronade."

This is how in 2006 VovaZIL’vova was describing his neighbourhood, the Sykhiv. What is attractive about the aesthetics of modernist districts for artists? How do they interpret it? What do they focus on? What is left out in the shadow? Who do they see as their audience? How do art practices change the space and the meaning of residential districts? These questions, among others, will be raised for the discussion.


Oleh Perkovskyi

an artist, works mostly in graphics, video, lichtbild, and installations. Participants of the scholarship programs “Mosaic of the City” and “Gaude Polonia.” Author of projects and exhibitions such as “Uzhgorod Green,” “EWHEHC,” “Something’s Wrong Here.” His works are part of private collections in Ukraine, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, and Switzerland.

Natalia Tulina-Maruniak

art expert, research fellow of Lviv Borys Voznytskyi National Art Gallery, member of the facebook-group “Sykhiv is sexy” founded by Ruslan Chernykh. Through photography, she studies changes and continuity of the residential district space.

Denys Fedeshov

an actor, director and co-founder of the Domus Theater started jointly with a Crimean Nataliya Menshykova in 2016 in Sykhiv to unite the displaced persons and Lviv citizens, amateurs and professionals, children and adults.

Bohdan Shumylovych

a researcher, director of the Urban Media Archive at the Center for Urban History. He received his Master’s degree of Modern and Contemporary History at Central European University, in 2014 started his doctoral studies at the European University in Florence where he works on the topic of “Mediascape of Lviv of later 1950s-1980s.”

"Sykhiv By Night" is an open public program for broad audiences. It is related to other two projects of the Center for Urban History: the summer school "Sykhiv: Spaces, Memories, Practices" and a research project "Planned and Experienced: Planned Districts in Late Socialism and Beyond."


Gallery Image by Andriy Polikovskyy