Dynamic Cityscape of Sykhiv

Dynamic Cityscape of Sykhiv

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Natalia Mysak

Center for Urban History

14.8.2017, 19:00

Center for Urban History, Lviv

The residential area of Sykhiv is the largest centrally planned district of Lviv that started developing after active post-war industrialization. The planning ideas of working population with the clear-cut structure, a system of public services, and recreation areas designed by Lviv architects in the 1960-70s were not fully implemented. That is why Sykhiv is in the process of active transformation and keeps acquiring new functions and meanings. At the presentation, we shall be re-interpreting the space of the neighbourhood and its perception within the city structure when contexts change.

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Natalia Mysak

is an architect, researcher at the Center for Urban History, she studies the development of the identity of mass housing of late modernism as illustrated by residential facilities in Lviv and Malmo (affiliated in “Lviv Polytechnics” National University”). She had her internship at Vienna University (2013) and Malmo University (Urban Studies, 2015-2016). She took part in the projects of participatory design of open spaces in Lviv, some of which as part of Group 109.

"Sykhiv By Night" is an open public program for broad audiences. It is related to other two projects of the Center for Urban History: the summer school "Sykhiv: Spaces, Memories, Practices" and a research project "Planned and Experienced: Planned Districts in Late Socialism and Beyond."


Сover Image: Natalia Mysak 

Gallery Image by Andriy Polikovskyy