City in the War: Challenges for Memory and Identity

City in the War: Challenges for Memory and Identity

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21.6.2022, 18:00

Welcome to join the conversation "City in the War: Challenges for Memory and Identity" which is a part of a series of meetings in the courtyard of the Center for Urban History A Transient City."

Kharkiv, a large city in the border area that has always benefited from its transit status, multiculturalism and openness, but also had to face the contrary effect of political and cultural ambivalence, will be in the focus of discussion between historians Volodymyr Masliychuk and Artem Kharchenko. How does the city overcome the challenges of war and rethinks its history? What symbolic resources from the past does it engage to think through the aggression from Russia that used to be so closely related to the city in the past? How does the history of Kharkiv fit into broader narratives of Cossack history, imperial modernization, and combat victories and defeats in the WWII? How do Kharkiv citizens who find themselves on the move today, staying in Lviv, Kyiv, Italy, or Hungary, see themselves and their link to the home city? Is Kharkiv going to be true to its own self after the war, or could the "post-recovery" image be dramatically changing?

The meeting will be moderated by Iryna Sklokina.

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Dr. Volodymyr Masliychuk

Kyiv Mohyla Academy National University

Historian, Associate Professor, Senior lecturer at the Department of History of the Faculty of Humanities of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy NU, editor of the website. Research focus includes the study of social transformations and the history of childhood in the Left Bank and Sloboda Ukraine in the second half of the XVIII century, issues of history of Enlightenment and the implementation of enlightenment reforms in East Europe, aspects of Soviet and post-Soviet historiography.

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Dr. Iryna Sklokina

Center for Urban History

Historian, Ph.D. (2014), researcher at the Center for Urban History. Dissertation about the official Soviet policy of memory of the Nazi occupation of Ukraine, using the example of Kharkiv. A member of the Kharkiv Historical and Philological Society. Participant of several international projects about historical memory and oral history, including “Region, Nation and Beyond: An Interdisciplinary and Transcultural Reconceptualization of Ukraine” and “OpenHeritage.”

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Artem Kharchenko

National Technical University "KhPI" of Kharkiv

An associate professor at the Department of Ukrainian Studies, Culturology, and the History of Science at the National Technical University “KhPI” in Kharkiv, where he works on a monograph “Jewish Community Within the Space of an Imperial City, 1859–1914.” He is a lecturer on the history of the Holocaust of the university partner program “Claims Conference.” Co-founder of the “Center for research of interethnic relations of Eastern Europe.”

The conversation is part of the public program "A Transient City: Courtyard Conversations" which retrieves the intertwining of networks in a city living through different experiences of war back then and today.


Cover Image: George Ivanchenko, 2022 // Urban Media Archive of the Center for Urban History

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