Artem Kharchenko

Artem Kharchenko

National Technical University "KhPI" of Kharkiv

  • Research topic:
    Documenting Experiences of War
    February – August 2022
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An associate professor at the Department of Ukrainian Studies, Culturology, and the History of Science at the National Technical University "KhPI" in Kharkiv, where he works on a monograph "Jewish Community Within the Space of an Imperial City, 1859–1914." He is a lecturer on the history of the Holocaust of the university partner program “Claims Conference”. Co-founder of the "Center for research of interethnic relations of Eastern Europe.” NGO. Artem’s research offers an outlook on Jewish population in the South of Russian Empire Beyond the Pale of Settlement. The research focuses on the issue of internal Jewish migration, relations of Jewish population with imperial authorities, and the diversity of the region’s Jewish communities.

Artem studied history in Karazin National University of Kharkiv. He defended his Candidate thesis on the history of family in Kharkiv region in the 19th century. He worked on the project "System of Orphanages in Soviet Ukraine in the Holodomor period, 1928-1935." In 2011, he participated in a research summer school "Jewish history and culture of East and Central Europe in the 19-20th centuries" at the Center for Urban History, Lviv. He participated in education programs in the USA, France, and Germany. He was a guest researcher at the Simon Dubnov Institute in Leipzig, New European College in Bucharest, Jerusalem University. Some recent publications include chapters in a collective monograph "Uman. (Un) known stories of the city," Kharkiv, 2021.

In the Center for Urban History, he participates in projects for documenting war experiences; in addition, he will be joining education initiatives.