Neo-baroque in Lviv
March 12, 2018
On March 12, at 6.30 pm the lecture Yuriy Biriulov "Karel Boublik and Neo-baroque in Lviv Architecture of late 19th-early 20th centuries."

Karel Boublik (1868-1925) is a Lviv architect of Czech origin. He was director of a technical bureau of Ivan Levynskyi, worked in a construction department of the magistrate, was member of the Society of Authorized Developers in Lviv. He designed a Concert Hall for the Universal Regional Exhibition of 1894, with the mural painting of his own authorship, a Pavilion of Hygiene and a Triumphal Arch in honour of a visit to Lviv of France Josef І. He was managing the construction of the exhibition pavilion ─ The Palace of Industry (contributed to the design by F. Skovron). He is author of many residential buildings in Lviv of 1897-1914. He was an amateur actor. Head of the cultural society "Česká beseda," the oldest in the world Czech society outside Czech Republic. The buildings designed by Karel Boublik present pieces of architecture of the transition period from historicism in its Neo-baroque manifestation to Secession (Modernism) and modernized historical styles.

Yuriy Biriulov is an arts historian, Doctor of Arts, professor of Lviv National Academy of Arts, Doctor Habilitated of Warsaw University. He studied at History Faculty of Lviv Ivan Franko National University (1970 ─ 1975). In 1986, presented his Candidate thesis on "Secession Style in the Art of Lviv of late 19th – eraly 20th century" in the All-Union Research Institute of Art Studies in Moscow. In 2014, he presented his doctoral thesis in Lviv on "Lviv Sculpture of mid 18th – mid 20th century: From Early Classicism to Avant-Gardism. Evolution of Style and Problems of Morphogenesis". In 2011, he became an associate professor at the Department of Design and Fundamentals of Architecture in the "Lviv Polytechnics" National University.