Home: A Century of Change: program

Home: A Century of Change: program

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November 2011 - May 2012

Center for Urban History

Home: A Century of Change exhibition explores the history of housing, including its cultural and social aspects, in various ideological and political dimensions throughout the twentieth century. The exposition shows the house as a multifaceted place in which the whole complex of political, ideological, national, cultural and gender histories of Central and Eastern Europe is refracted.

We usually consider a home a personal space. But home can also be seen as a private model of society, which can tell us a lot about the outside world, in particular about the constant interaction of the private and public, personal and social planes, the interaction of us and others.

The program Home: A Century of Change includes a series of roundtables, presentations, film seminars and workshops for children. The focus of each event is a home that is viewed in social and cultural meanings and contexts.

"Personal experience" - roundtables and presentations with the participation of architects, designers, researchers, specialists in urban studies, representatives of public organizations, local governments and utilities.

My Dream House is a workshop for children to learn about the innovative exhibition exhibit that uses interactive multimedia technologies and artifacts. The program aims to encourage children to draw analytical conclusions and, on the basis of the material presented, encourage them to experiment with their own ideas of creating a "dream home".

City-Street-House: Cinema Experience is a film seminar, each of which looks at different aspects of urban and home life. Discussions based on iconic movie screening raise issues of connection between city and modernity, urban culture in Central and Eastern Europe, urban slums, alienation of public and private spheres.