Film Seminar

Film Seminar "Phantasm of Modernity: A Contemporary Perspective"

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Center for Urban History, Lviv

On the program - a screening and discussion of the film Metropia (Sweden, 2009, directed by Tarik Saleh). 

Metropia is a classic anti-utopia, which depicts life in Europe in 2024. The name of the film, of course, refers to Fritz Lang's classic, Metropolis. Both films offer hopeless visions of the future in order to criticize the present. Both touch on common themes - authority, technical progress, social structures, the city of the future. The creators of Metropia also endowed the title of the film with an additional meaning. The immediate meaning of the term Metropia refers not to the big city - the metropolis - but rather is created from the word metro. The world shown in the film is an enormous technological anthill permeated with the endless lines of an underground metro system. Our hero tries to find an answer to the "eternal" question: who is he in this world? A nameless ant, a free citizen or something else?


Cover Image: Still from the film Metropia (Sweden, 2009, directed by Tarik Saleh).