Personal Experience: The

Personal Experience: The "Domestication" of Public Space

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Center for Urban History, Lviv

The interior design of cafés and restaurants frequently uses the theme of a private residence. We used several objects as examples to discuss the simulation of the context, feeling and atmosphere of domestic comfort in public spaces; the transfer of memory, objects and meanings from the private into the public sphere, and vice versa; the use and "depersonalization" of personal things; the creation of the simulacrum, the "ideal"/"mythical" home.

Olena Turianska 

is a famous Lviv-based artist and designer. In her capacity as designer she has developed and implemented the following projects in the city: the Kupol restaurant, the “Italian Courtyard,” co-developed the interiors of the “Amadeus” and “Veronica” restaurants, and worked with numerous private residence interiors.


Cover Image: Postcard to the exhibition "Home: A Century of Change"