Open Seminar
December 5, 2009

On 4-5th December an Open Seminar "Belarus and Ukraine in the Context of the Spatial Dimension of Globalisation: State, Capital, Territoriality" was held at the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe. The seminar was a presentation of the work done in the frame of a one year research project on this topic funded by the Center for Advanced Studies and Education (CASE), Vilnius. 7 researchers from different countries presented their work exploring emergent spaces and the relations between them in contemporary Belarus and Ukraine under four main rubrics:

  1. Restructuring of capital cities
  2. Socio-spatial outcomes of the external EU border regime
  3. Spaces of leisure/consumption
  4. Music festivals and the new regimes of territorialization

Research Team: Siarhei Liubimau (Warsaw-Vilnius), Banjamin Cope (Warsaw-Vilnius), Myroslava Keryk (Lviv-Warsaw), Liudmyla Males (Kyiv), Jakub Grygar (Praha-Brno), Dmitriy Korenko (Minsk-Vilnius), Olga Blackledge (Dublin-Kharkiv).

The seminar was accompanied by a presentation of the recently published book on East European urban spaces "P.S. Landscapes: Optics of Urban Studies" (Vilnius: EHU) and a round table discussion on future directions for urban studies in the Central East Europe Region.

The program of the seminer can be downloaded here (in Russian).