MediaDepo and the Interactive City: How to Organize a Media Festival in Lviv

MediaDepo and the Interactive City: How to Organize a Media Festival in Lviv

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May 2, 2008

Center for Urban History, Lviv

The seminar (as well as the Lviv City Day celebrations) hosted such guests as Kateryna Zavoloka (author of experimental music and designer), Dmytro Fedorenko (author of radical electronic project KOTRA) and Victor Dovgalyuk (media-artist, author of the project AKUVIDO).

In the framework of our round table discussions we talked about the way we can represent modern media arts in Lviv and the possibilities for joint projects in our city. The idea of an annual festival of media art-projects was reviewed in the context of enriching the cultural and art scene of the city.

Victor Dovgalyuk introduced his project called City Interactive. This project was realized in Rotterdam supported by V2_Lab (Institute for the Unstable Media).

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is a radical electronic project and the creative pseudonym of Dmytro Fedorenko. He is the founder and head of the Kvitnu label of experimental music, founder and director of the international experimental music festival Sound Details, co-producer of Nexsound label (from 2003 till 2007) and founder of a series of the live performances called Live Reports.

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Kateryna Zavoloka

who hails from Kyiv, is a designer and composer of experimental music. In her music Zavoloka researches digital and analogue synthesis using songs created by her, separate phrases, various instruments, etc. She travels around Ukraine recording popular ethnic songs. She aims at understanding and advancing the interrelation between the electronic context and the energy of ethnic voice.

Zavoloka often plays in different festivals in Europe, Asia and Ukraine, such as Presences Electronique (INA-GRM), EME 07, ClubTransmediale, Sound Details, Kvitnu Fest, Unsound, Mediaterrae, UKRAINA – SVERIGE 4-4, Hoerkunst, Interferenze, Kontra, Les urbaines, Cimatics, Minimax, Garage, La nuit bleue, Kontra-musik, Femmes, and others. In 2005 Zavoloka’s album Plavyna received an award at the Prix Ars electronica festival in Linz, Austria.


is the creative pseudonym of the Ukrainian media-artist duet of Victor Dovgalyuk and Hanna Kuts. Victor Dovgalyuk, who lives in Berlin, is a Ukrainian media-artist who studied in the Lviv Academy of Arts and in L4 Institut fuer Neue Medien (Institute of New Media, Berlin). Hanna Kuts studied in the Kharkiv College of Arts, the Department of Monumental Painting of the Lviv Academy of Arts, and in L4 Institut fuer Neue Medien in Berlin. Dovgalyuk and Kuts are leaders of modern Ukrainian art, programmers, graphic artists, and musicians. They created a number of projects that were recognized as brand new approaches using media to shape modern art and music. Their research focuses on combining sound, video, photographs and computer animation in programmed interactive projects. Akuvido were awarded the first prize at Concours International de Net-Art in the framework of Villette Numerique Festival (Paris).

The discussion on modern media-art and the city took place in the context of the second Lviv festival City.Sky.Cinema: movies from Arthouse Traffic. Its program included new European short films (feature and animation from Great Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine and other countries).


Сover Image: Erwin Redl. Matrix II, 2000-2011