Problem of Lviv's Bicycle Infrastructure

Problem of Lviv's Bicycle Infrastructure

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February 28, 2008

Center for Urban History, Lviv

Bicycles are an important symbol and an indicator of the quality of life in a city. Their use is also a sign of tolerance and openness as well as of the accommodation of different lifestyles.

Bicycle paths mean more than just safe cycling around the city and the Kolo's participants engaged in a lively debate about their place in our visions of Lviv's future as well as about practical possibilities for developing the necessary infrastructure.

Round table was dedicated to the infrastructural, ecological and commercial potentials of cycling in Lviv. As always, the Kolo was organized by the Center’s project managers Sofia Dyak and Bohdan Shumylovych. The Center gathered for a lively discussion a wide array of experts and representatives of the public, local government, business, and the cultural sphere.

The Kolo discussed options of creating bicycle path and bike rental systems within the context of Lviv’s overall transport and communication situation as well as international experience and best practice.