Automated Enterprise Control System

Automated Enterprise Control System "Lviv": the local history of the "Soviet Internet"

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Taras Nazaruk

Center for Urban History

31.10.2023, 18:30

Conference Room of the Center for Urban History

We are pleased to invite you to the lecture by Taras Nazaruk that continues the series of lectures on modernity experiences in Lviv entitled "Let's Have a City...".

The implementation of the project "Soviet Internet" began in Lviv in the 1960s. At that time, artificial intelligence or the city's IT industry was not yet a matter of discussion. Instead, there was widespread talk about the electronic brain and cybernetics, which were supposed to automate processes and unite all organizations of the Soviet Union into a single computer network.

The Lviv Electron plant made one of the first steps to create this network. At this place, the team led by academician Glushkov launched a pilot Automated Control System (ACS). They tried to use a computer for the production of TV sets. Over time, dozens of similar systems were developed in Lviv and hundreds across the USSR. However, they never became a unified network; moreover, the consequences of their creation have remained scarcely studied. Researchers today call this project the "Soviet Internet" that failed.

Even though the creation of the network was not realized, the computerization of enterprises, organizations, and the city in general began right at that time. This process never stopped after that. This lecture serves as an invitation to talk about the way these Soviet Automated Control Systems were envisioned and the significance they had for Lviv.

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Taras Nazaruk

Center for Urban History

Head of Digital History projects at the Center, since August 2016 he has been working on coordinating the project “Lviv Interactive“. Obtained a Master’s degree in Communication Design at the University of Wrocław (Poland). As an Erasmus Programme member, he studied at Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic), where he studied cultural anthropology and social media. He worked on a range of Internet projects:, “Telekrytyka,” and the web site for Credit Suisse.  He was a joint author of the Verify project.  On the community level, he actively promotes bicycling in Lviv. His areas of interest include new media, digital humanities, and communication design.



Cover Image: Archive of the Electron Concern // Urban Media Archive of the Center for Urban History