How to Build a Dialogue About the Future: Experiences from Community Recovery Projects

How to Build a Dialogue About the Future: Experiences from Community Recovery Projects

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2.11.2022, 16:00

zoom / online

We invite you to the meeting "How to Build a Dialogue About the Future: Experience in the Implementation of Recovery Projects in Communities," where we continue the series "Recovery of Ukraine: Who May Have the Right To Participate?"

During the meeting, we will exchange experiences and talk about the array of projects in communities aimed at the reconstruction and restoration of settlements and communities affected by the full-scale invasion of Russia or war affected communities. We will consider the experience of engaging communities in the discussion of community development strategies, such as the restoration and protection of cultural heritage or involving young people in the discussion of Ukraine's recovery strategy. We shall talk about the role of tactical projects. Furthermore, we will specifically consider the practices of involving volunteers and the local community in the implementation of housing restoration initiatives. We shall discuss the challenges faced by activists and local authorities. Not only that, but we will look for answers to the question of how to build new conditions for inclusion, empathy, and participation in communities.

The conversation will be attended by:

  • Konstiantyn Kuchabskyi and Roman Sakh, co-founders of the scientific and artistic platform "Island", project creators on "The construction of Interaction. Open Villages"
  • Anastasia Ponomariova, architect, urbanist, researcher, co-founder of the Co-Haty project of the urban agency Urban Curators
  • Kateryna Honcharova, Ph.D, Specialist in Cultural Heritage of Ukraine at the World Monument Fund
  • Demian Petryk, Project Manager, Head of Youth Councils in the NGO "Youth Platform", participant of the project "Dialogues about the Future"
  • Vitalii Selyk, co-founder of the volunteer initiative "Brave to Restore"

Moderator of the meeting: researcher Maria Hryshchenko.

The meeting will take place online, on the zoom platform. To join, please register.

The project is carried out in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Kyiv Office – Ukraine.

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Cover Image: George Ivanchenko, 2022 // Urban Media Archive of the Center for Urban History