Community Recovery: Dialogue Practices and Regaining Capacity in Communities

Community Recovery: Dialogue Practices and Regaining Capacity in Communities

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8.11.2022, 16:00

zoom / online

We invite you to the presentation of experiences "Community Recovery: Dialogue Practices and Regaining Capacity in Communities", which continues the series "Recovery of Ukraine: Who May Have the Right to Participate?"

During the meeting we will get acquainted with the practices of establishing dialogue and cooperation in multicultural communities (hromadas). We will reflect on how to create a common platform of understanding and find common ground in communities that have experienced traumatic experiences.

We will get acquainted with initiatives that support social cohesion and integration in the community, in particular people from affected communities who left their homes because of the war, veterans, people with disabilities, and those who have experienced traumatic experiences. Furthermore, we will try to find answers to the questions - how to build a dialogue based on empathy, understanding and equality, and can inclusion have a therapeutic purpose?

We will also have the opportunity to hear about projects aimed at restoring capacity in communities, in particular in agrarian regions and rural areas. We will talk about how Ukrainians are involved in restoring food security in the country today. We will also analyze examples of the restoration of rural areas from the historical perspective, in particular, after the First World War.

The discussion will include the following participants:

  • Olga Dyatel, co-founder of NGO "Other Education", producer of cultural and educational projects. Facilitator of the coaching pool "Other Education" and the international pool "Theodor Gois Collegium"
  • Hryhorii Pererva, community development expert of the project "Support to Government Reforms in Ukraine" of the "Victory Gardens" initiative
  • Yana Salakhova, practitioner of the theater of the oppressed, head of the board of the NGO "Theater of Changes"
  • Valentyna Shevchenko, historian, researcher, Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, affiliated researcher at the Center for Urban History
  • Olha Hvozdik, expert of the Council of Europe. Projects aimed at involving people from affected communities and strengthening volunteer communities
  • Tetiana Tatarina, Director of the "City Development Institute" of Poltava City Council

The meeting will take place online, on the zoom platform. To join, please register.

The project is implemented in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Kyiv Office – Ukraine.

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Cover image: Destroyed house in Ternopil, 1917. Collection of Taras Pinyazhko // Urban Media Archive of the Center for Urban History