When, Whom, How to Involve in the Recovery?

When, Whom, How to Involve in the Recovery?

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17.11.2022, 14:00-18:00

zoom / online

Over the past two weeks, we have been inviting practitioners and theorists to share their experience of implementing participatory projects in war conditions within the framework of the project "Recovery of Ukraine: Who May Have the Right to Participate?

Why is involvement and participation relevant and should be in focus? Who should participate in community recovery, when and how? How to ensure equality? What experience do we have and can we use, and what practices and approaches to participation and engagement should be revised? When does the community become the subject of decision-making and take responsibility for them? How to be inclusive of those who are currently defending Ukraine or volunteering? How to involve those who were forced to leave the community fleeing from the war? We were looking for answers to these and other questions and are still looking for answers. But today there are much more questions and much more challenges than can be covered in a short time of discussion. At the same time, we have much more experience.

Therefore, on November 17, we invite you to take part in an online workshop dedicated to the practices of participation and involvement in the recovery of Ukrainian communities. This is an open event in the "world cafe" format on the Zoom platform for everyone who has the internal resource to share their experience, problematize challenges, ask questions and try to find answers to them together.


We invite municipal employees, civic activists, researchers, experts and practitioners in the field of engagement and participation, work with communities and all those interested in the topic of engagement to register. Each and everyone will have the opportunity to propose questions for discussion. This online meeting is an opportunity to talk to the community in a safe environment.

To participate, please register.

Working language: Ukrainian. Interpretation into English will be provided.

The project is carried out in cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Kyiv Office – Ukraine.

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Cover Image: Kateryna Moskaliuk, 2022 // Urban Media Archive of the Center for Urban History