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Lviv Women. Un/Known Fates
5 October 2019

On October 5, at 2 pm, welcome to the last city walk within the series of theme-based excursions on the Second World War in Lviv designed under the ReHerit project for tour guides of Lviv "Lviv Women. Un/Known Fates of the Second World War."

What were the fates of Lviv women in the Second World War? The stereotypes and perceptions about them as traitors or heroines are disrupted by the everyday routines. It shows how risky it was to put them within any constraints and deprive of agency or a right to be diverse, to make mistakes, to make choices, to adapt, to withstand, and to fight for survival. The survival modes were different for different women. It was not a rare case that the outcome was preconditioned by the community  she was accredited to by the occupation regime. Some women managed to survive, while others perished for being "different". There are few women’s testimonies  preserved from those years but even the individual fates serve as a bright illustration of the epoch when a human life had the lowest value.  Karolina Lanckoronska has left by far the most detailed memories from those days, whereas the personalities of Olenka Gerdan-Zaklynska or Debora Vogel, Stefania Skwarczinska or Wladislawa Chomsowa, Marta Chorna or Irena Goldtsein are still little known to Lviv citizens. Their lives and activities are invisible within the space of modern city, thus, an inquisitive tourist and a visitor cannot learn about them. 

The walk is free to attend. The
registration is needed.

Solomia Trylovska a guide on Lviv, author of the series of excursions along the little known sites in Lviv, and of the walks and lectures on the women’s mark on history of our city. She is fluent in Ukrainian, Polish, and Russian.

The walk was designed on the basis of materials for tour guides developed by the Center for Urban History within the "ReHERIT: Shared Responsibility for Common Heritage" project.