Events by Day

20 May 2019 Modernism, Engagement, Identity On May 20, at 6.30 pm, Piotr Słodkowski will deliver a lecture on the art of a Lviv modernist, and a post-war Warsaw-based artist Henryk Streng / Marеk Włodarski. The pieces by a Polish Jewish artist present the starting point for reflection on non-Western modernisms in visual arts, social-political engagement through artistic expression, and cultural identity. Read more
20 May 2019 Awareness for Passing Down On May 20, at 12.30 pm, we invite teachers, guides, and museum workers to the Lviv Tourism Office to the presentations of the sociological survey on the cultural heritage of Lviv. We will talk about associations of citizens with the cultural heritage of their cities when it goes about persons, events, or spaces, and what provokes admiration, and what relates to contested and ambiguous emotions? Read more