Days of Modernism at City Hall: architecture, urban vision, heritage

Days of Modernism at City Hall: architecture, urban vision, heritage

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August 25 - 29, 2015

Ratusha Restaurant (Rynok Sq. 1), Lviv

Lecturers from Amsterdam, Kyiv, Lviv, Moscow and New York talked about urban planning in the twentieth century, and demonstrated the world's best examples of how to rethink the modernist heritage. One of the objectives of "Days of Modernism at City Hall" was to attempt to provoke and inspire visitors to take a fresh look at the so-called "depressed areas" of the city, and to see in them possibility and space for creativity.

Meetings with individuals who are highly respected in architectural and urban planning circles, also caused great interest among the general public. Each lecture or presentation took place in a crowded room. The presence of such highly respected in their fields individuals also spurred interest among representatives of leading Ukrainian media outlets.

Open lectures were held simultaneously with the International Architectural Summer School "Novyi Lviv". They were organized by the Centre for Urban History (Lviv) and the Moscow Architectural School MARSh (an independent school that works closely with the London Metropolitan University).

For the culmination of "Days of Modernism at City Hall," students from Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Germany and Slovakia presented the project "A New Lviv for Novyi Lviv," which suggested ways to rebuild and sustain the development of this district.

With support from German Society for International Cooperation GIZ.

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Сover Image:  Brutalist Bay Area cityscape, San Francisco