Modernism. Author is in the Detail

Modernism. Author is in the Detail

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10.7.2019, 18:30

Center for Urban History, Lviv

Modernism intending to be independent from decorative affiliations, inspired by a simple geometry and basic geometrical figures, unified with the armored concrete structures of the churn out production lines and the standards of the "necessary minimum", completed the search for the one-piece universal architecture that started back in the 18th century.

Does this kind of architecture have a room for personalities and individualities? These questions were posed not only in respect to Soviet architecture, but also to architecture in general, that was built in the late 1920s, and in the 1960s, and equally today, in a pan-European and eventually in global context. Can we spot the author in Modernist architecture and discern his or her own style? We shall try to find the answers in the details. After all, even Modernism is not deprived of details.

During the talk with Kateryna Konsulova and Anastasiya Demyanyk, the authors of some pieces that have become part of exhibition solutions, and with the researcher of architecture Olha Zarechnyuk, we shall discuss a personality of an architect hiding in the details of his/her objects.

This meeting will launch a series of monthly talks at the exhibition where we shall discuss the exhibition with authors, researchers of architecture, and historians, we shall reflect on it, and its specific topics, and broader on heritage of late Modernism in the present-day Lviv. Meetings will take place within the exhibition "Phototecture of Modernism".

About participants:

Kateryna Konsulova

an architect, a photographer, a founder of the KOKO children art studio. She graduated from Moscow Institute of Architecture (1999). She worked as an architect in various architecture companies in Moscow (1999-2011). Today, she lives and works живеin Lviv, and has her private architectural practice, as well as is fond of photography. She teaches drawing, photography, and architecture at the KOKO children art studio (since 2011), and organizes exhibitions of children art. She is engaged in digitalization and arrangement of the archives of the architects Anatoliy and Muza Konsulow at the Center for Urban History (since 2018).

Anastasiya Demyanyk

an architect, a photographer, a traveler. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at “Lviv Polytechnics” National University (2017). As a student of architecture, she also started doing photography. It is when she discovered a vision of geometry of space and light, of something otherworldly that links a photographer, a photo, and a viewer. Participated at workshops and international competitions.

Olha Zarechniuk

historian of architecture, architectural editor of the Lviv Interactive project of the Center for Urban History. She graduated from the Department for Restorations at the “Lviv Polytechnics” National University (2013). She was a curator of a photo exhibition “Secession in Masks”(2015), an interactive display “Modernism in Lviv” for the exhibition “Miasto, architektura, modernizm. Lwów 23 czerwca 1937” (Wroclaw, 2016). She presented her own artistic and documentary photography of architecture at the exhibitions “Facing Lviv” (Drohobych), and “Project 1/5” (Lviv, 2019).

For more details, please, contact Victoria Panas, coordinator of the exhibition program ([email protected], +38 093 43 65 134)


Cover Image: Kateryna Konsulova, Details Project.

Image Gallery by Bohdan Yemets