Architecture as Urban Scenery

Architecture as Urban Scenery

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7.8.2019, 18:30

Exhibition Hall, Center for Urban History

The process of photographing crystalizes a dialogue: with a photographer whose angles we mirror, with an architect whose buildings we document, with users who we interact with. The city with its architecture becomes a scenery for such communication and synergy.

During the workshop "Phototecture of Modernism," Kateryna Slipchenko posed a question to herself whether it was possible to take photos of architecture no longer existent, but preserved only in old photos. Does it fit and is it possible to fit the things that are no longer there into the modern urban landscape? She tried to imitate the perspectives of old photos that she discovered in archives, and make collages from the scenes of the past and present. Or, she tried to combine in one photo two architectural objects that are near within the present-day urban space but separated in time and mentality.

In his project, Andriy Buchko tried to "experience" the practices of architecture and transformation in architecture through photography. Light, evening light, in his compositional perception plays a role of an auxiliary (key?) means to record and transmit the architectural site. Evening lights fade away, details become less notable – big masses are better readable. The unnecessary layers are getting lost.

With this meeting, we continue the series of monthly talks at the exhibition. There, jointly with the authors, researchers of architecture, historians, and visitors, we shall discuss and reflect upon the exhibition, its specific topics, and broader on heritage of Soviet modernism in present-day Lviv. Meetings take place within the exhibition "Phototecture of Modernism."

About the authors:

Kateryna Slipchenko

a journalist, an art critic. She worked in the editors’ office of the magazine “Decorative Art of the USSR” (Moscow, Russia), chief of literary section in Les Kurbas Academic Theater (Lviv), and in newspapers: “Postup,” “Lvivska Hazeta,” “Subotnia Poshta.” Since June, 2014, she was editor of the department for culture at the internet portal ZAXID.NET (Lviv).

Andriy Buchko

actor, photographer. Participant of interdisciplinary theater projects “Autumn in Pluto” (2016), “Call Signal Rama” (2017), “EnterUA” (2019). Was engaged as an author in such projects as “This is how summer ended” (2013), “Heron” (2015). The area of interests: multimedia theater, visual storytelling, photodocumentary.


Cover Image: Kateryna Slipchenko's work for the exhibition "Phototecture of Modernism."

Image Gallery by Iryna Sereda