Conferences & Seminars

As a core part of its academic activity the Center regularly organizes conferences, seminars and workshops on the field of urban history and beyond.

Every year the Center holds at least one international conference, which is as a rule organized in cooperation with an academic institution abroad. These events foster cross-border intellectual exchange and thus give fresh impulses to participants and local scholars alike.

The first such international event took place in summer 2007 under the sponsorship of the Zeit Foundation and bore the title "History Takes Place". One year later the Center organized a conference on the topic of Jewish Heritage and History in cities of East Central Europe. In 2009 a conference on "Sex in the Cities" was held in conjunction with the Wirth Institute in Canada.

By making Lviv and Ukraine the host of such highly regarded academic gatherings with a significant number of internationally reputed participants the Center hopes to raise the level of academic discourse in the country itself.

The Center’s conference room, which can hold up to 70 people, is equipped with modern translation devices which allow participants to follow the proceedings in several languages simultaneously.

The Center also holds regular academic gatherings of a smaller format. They mostly take place in the library room and are rather designed for the local community. In these seminars and workshops special guests from within the country and abroad are invited to present their research projects and engage in discussions with the audience.

For any questions regarding past and future conferences, seminars and workshops please turn to the Deputy Director of the Center, Dr. Iryna Matsevko, under 

Rent of Conference Room

The Center now has a new and fully equipped conference room. It can comfortably accommodate an audience of up to seventy people and is equipped with up-to-date audiovisual and translating facilities. For any inquiries concerning rent of the conference room please contact Zoryana Slyusarchuk by email