Marek Reichenstein: the doctor who saved art

Marek Reichenstein: the doctor who saved art

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Serhiy Kravtsov

Hebrew University in Jerusalem

15.10.2015, 16:00

Borys Voznytskiy Lviv National Art Gallery (vul. Stefanyka, 3)

Marek Reichenstein was a physician and researcher in the field of hematology, but also a collector, bibliophile and art historian. Born to a suburban Jewish family his respected medical career provided him recognition and independence which in turn allowed him to collect works of art. Reichenstein collected Jewish and gentile art. His professional approach to everything he undertook, allowed Reichenstein to develop an iconographic approach to studying book illustrations, which was highly regarded by his contemporary art historians. The Museum of Lviv's Jewish Community grew out of Reichenstein's Jewish collection, particularly from the collection of Italian marriage contracts. The recent discovery of this collection gives us the fantastic opportunity to return Marek Reichenstein's name to the mental map of the city.

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Serhiy Kravtsov

as a researcher works at the Center for Jewish Art at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He studied Architecture at the Lviv Polytechnic. He obtained his PhD in Architecture at the Research Institute of the Theory and History of Architecture in Moscow (1993); since 1994 he has lived and worked in Jerusalem. He has published over 60 articles on the history of architecture and urban planning, and adapted or jointly adapted four books.

Event is a part of the lecture series "Ketubah. Family Traditions and Traditional Family."


Сover Image: Page from an album of photographs and drawings from the collection of Dr. Reichenstein, File "Н" (1926), showing a ketubbah from Modena (1771), located today in the LNAG. Library of the Lviv Ethnology Institute at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, inv. no. 10605