Recipes for a Good Life

Recipes for a Good Life

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We invite you visit the exhibition "Cross Border Recipes for a Good Life," which is on display in the Center for Urban History’s courtyard. This exhibition is a project created by a team of young people from Ukraine, Poland, Germany, who participated in the workshop "Moving Borders." The project is dedicated to borders that exist not between states, societies, and cultures, but above all in ourselves and in our minds. In this exhibition the participants tried to show their vision of borders between people and the ways to overcome them.

Our project developed during our train journey from Berlin to Warsaw and from Warsaw to Lviv via Krakow during which we had the opportunity to meet many inspiring people.

This exhibition attempts to draw the visitors´attention to the fact that all people regardless of their nationalities have something in common due to them merely being human and in their pursuit of happiness while at the same time we all have a variety of recipes for a happy life.

Thus, the purpose of the exhibition is to exchange these recipes and contribute to the adoption of new perspectives. We believe this to be a good means to effectively remove borders between people from different nationalities.