Industrial Horlivka

Industrial Horlivka

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The project "Industrialization and the Urban Landscape of the Industrial South of the Russian Empire" has been updated with new images. We invite you to see images of early-twentieth-century Horlivka on postcards and photographs.

The collection includes images of industrial facilities and public spaces of the city associated with production activities in Horlivka: the famous Korsun Mine (later called Kocheharka) – one of the largest mines in Donbas in the twentieth century; the building of the Horlivka train station of the Katerynoslav Railway; one of the first reinforced concrete bridges in the Russian Empire; the South Russian Coal Industry Association officials’ Club House and Theater; and more. The photos include brief descriptions.

These materials are in the collections of the History Museum of Horlivka and were processed and posted on the site thanks to the cooperation between our institutions.

If you have any questions about these images, please contact the museum staff by e-mail [email protected], or the project coordinator Volodymyr Kulikov at  [email protected].

The collection also contains images of Kramatrosk from the Museum of the History of Kramatorsk, the Museum of the History of Starokramatorsky Machine Building Plant, and Manfred Blonn’s private collection.


Сover Image: The administration building of the Korsun Mine Nr 1 / Urban media archive