Galleries of Urban Images

Galleries of Urban Images

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The webpage of the Urban Image Database now boasts galleries of images.

Photos are thematically grouped and reflect various areas of activity of the Center for Urban History. For example, there is a gallery dedicated to industrial cities based on the photographs collected within the project "Industrialization and Urban Landscape of the Industrial South of the Russian Empire". The gallery "Lviv’s Pidzamche" is one of the results of the research project and exhibition "Searching for Home in Postwar Lviv: The Experience of Pidzamche, 1944-1960".

In general, galleries of the Urban Image Database depict different areas of urban life, including the life of urban population. We hope that these thematic collections of images will be useful to visitors of the Urban Media Archive.

Should you have any proposals on the potential compilations of visual materials from our collections, please address them to