The Jewish Universe of Uman

The Jewish Universe of Uman

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December 7, 2019 / 12.00 pm

entrance to "Uman Plant Megommetr"

Uman is a global town know all over the world as an important place of Hasidism, and now as the largest pilgrimage site for Hasidim in Europe. But what do we know about the past Jewish community of the city, besides this story? How have the Jews come to the city and why have they been so important for the development and boosting of a private town of the Pototsky? What were their traditions and lifestyles at the time when the Hasidic community was just a small group that did not have any influence within the community? How has the Jewish community, along with other communities, created a multicultural urban fabric that stayed in the contours of buildings, streets, recollections, and memory of the town? How and why the life of Uman Jews so tragically stopped during the Second World War? Which sites of the rich Jewish heritage have survived in the town, and what are they telling us?

Duration: 90 min. The walk is free of charge.

Tour guide:

Olena Andronatiy

a tour guide, researcher of the history of Jews of Galicia, participant and organizer of expeditions in Ukraine and Poland to describe the remains of Jewish cemeteries, lecturer of Jewish history and traditions in international projects for teenagers, member of the team to develop materials for tour guides on contested topics of the past for the cities of Lviv and Uman in the “ReHERIT” project, author of the tour around Jewish Uman.

Welcome to the captivating journey in the Jewish world of Uman which is so little visible within the town’s public space today. However, it is a silent witness to the rich but tragic multicultural past of the town.

The city walk is a part of the project "ReHERIT: Share Responsibility for Common Heritage."

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