Entertainment in Times of War: Between Ideologies and Culture

Entertainment in Times of War: Between Ideologies and Culture

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September 6, 2019 / 6 pm

Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet

Is there any cultural life during the war? We suggest talking about it as illustrated by Lviv in the times of the Second World War. Lviv survived two occupations – Soviet and Nazi. What changes did the war bring into the city’s cultural life? Why did the cultural institutions become places for representations of power? How is the area of entertainment changing in a multinational Lviv? Why do entertainment sites become spaces for exclusion and violence for some urban communities, and the chance for self-actualization for others? What choices needed to be made by famous Lviv citizens who were shaping the city’s cultural life?

Tour guide:

 Inna Zolotar

She develops, accompanies, and runs torus in Lviv: Medieval Lviv, Austrian time Lviv, along the Jewish memory sites, Lychakiv cemetery and military graves, literary Lviv. Outside guided trips over Ukraine for domestic and foreign tourists: Galicia, Bukovyna, Hutsul land, Transcarpathia, Volhynia, tours for Polish and Jewish heritage, literary tours.

The event is a part of the European Heritage Days in Lviv.

The tour was designed on the basis of the materials of the project to develop and pilot materials for tour guides для гідів organize by the Center for Urban History as part of a broader project "ReHERIT: Share Responsibility for Common Heritage."

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Сover Image: Wilhelm Demmer. Opera House, Lviv, 1941. Dietrich Demmer Collection / Urban media archive

Image Gallery by Iryna Sereda