Students of Lviv Schools: Sport-City-School

Students of Lviv Schools: Sport-City-School

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May 15-30, 2015

Kosynskyi street, 4 (ZOSh № 24), Bandera street, 11 (ZOSh № 3), Chuprynka street, 1 (ZOSh № 10)

Students of three Lviv schools (№ 3,10,24) organized a mini-exhibition running in conjunction with the exhibition "Sport and the City: People. Society. Ideology." The mini-exhibition consists of several stands describing various aspects of our city's sports history, celebrated athlete-graduates of these particular schools, and their athletic achievements.

School № 10 prepared material about the history of Polish sports in the Second Polish Republic. A special section is dedicated to the football club "Pogon" (Pogoń), the leading Polish team, which won the championships four times (1922, 1923, 1925, 1926) and won second-place in Poland three times (1932, 1933, 1935).

Text and photographs prepared by the students of School № 24 (named after М. Konopytska) describe the history of the Olympic movement and the Ukrainian team's participation in it. The achievements of one of their graduates, Volodymyr Rozumeik, highlight the Ukrainian parasports movement: Rozumeik was a former wrestler and Greco-roman wrestling coach, who became a multiple winner of archery championships in Ukraine, competitor in the 1998 international and world championships, and candidate for participation in the 2000 Paralympics in Sydney.

School № 3 prepared materials about the history of extreme sports in Ukraine and the tourist-sports club "Argonauts-Manivtsi." This club united the lengthy experience of the boating club "Argonaut" and the club "Manivtsi," whose founders over 50 years ago were graduates of this school.

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